With the many different styles of Acro seen around the world, the performance possibilities are endless. Below are a few routines which showcase different Acro styles, bringing an incredibly unique feel of individuality to each performance. 

#1 Vitori by Cirque Du Soleil (Aerial Acrobatics)

Vitori is one of the more beautiful pieces seen in Cirque Du Soleil. The performance is performed by two acrobats using duo straps to lift them into air, allowing them to perform wonderful gravity defying tricks and skills. While most performances in aerial acrobatics often use of the silk, hoop, rope, and trapeze apparatus’, use of the straps is often rarer, making this piece even more unique. The floor choreography mixed with the aerial choreography makes for a truly mesmerizing piece of work. The style of music, performed by a live singer and pianist, blends beautifully with the motion of the acrobats.

In between dancing together, the acrobats take turn using the straps, each performing different skills high above the stage. The male acrobat showcases more skills of strength and endurance, and the female acrobat showcases more skills of flexibility and grace. While both have their own unique style on the straps, the highlight of the performance is when the two acrobats perform together, one on each strap. Together, they combine their strengths and talents to create a nice blend of skills consisting of twists and turns. Their transitions from one trick to another are seamless and the chemistry between both acrobats draws you into their world which makes for an unforgettable performance you’ll want to see again and again. 

#2 USA 2006 Women’s Team (Acrobatic Gymnastics)

Unlike the performance of Vitori, the Acro routine we see here is performed at the competitive level in gymnastics. In this routine, three female acrobats perform in what is known as a combined routine which uses tricks of both dynamic (flips) and balancing skills. The routine pairs nicely with the selection of music and all three acrobats seem to be in perfect sync when dancing together. Their fist balancing trick is quite impressive. For this trick, the acrobats create a half column – base acrobat on the floor, middle acrobat standing on the base’s thighs, and the top.

While in the half column, the top acrobat performs a series of presses and handstands and transitions very nicely from one trick to the other. In terms of dynamic tricks, their routine is filled will several summersault skills, but their third dynamic trick seems to be the best one. For this trick, the top performs not one, but three different release skills each requiring different body positions and rotations. The base acrobats must make sure to give the top the proper boost to ensure she has the exact amount of airtime needed to perform the skill. They also have to make sure they catch her at just the right time to boost her into her next in-flight skill. It requires exact precision and timing and seems to be performed flawlessly. All in all, a very impressive and beautiful routine. 

#3 Diavolo Dance Company (Acro Dance)

Acro dance may not be the most popular form of Acro, but Diavolo Dance Company does a wonderful job at displaying the beauty behind the art form. In this performance, several dancers and acrobats work together to create a dance piece unlike any other. Their use of a spinning apparatus used to flip, balance, and dance on truly make for one eye catching performance. While everything about this performance is breathtaking, the most unique thing about this performance is the skill and element of trust required from each acrobat and dancer. Timing must be precise and is a crucial component to making this performance happen.

One mistake from any of the performers could not only cause injury but could also disrupt the flow of the entire performance. With the number of acrobats used for this performance, it is an incredible piece on its own right given how intricate the choreography is to create such a beautiful work of art. A very mesmerizing performance indeed. 

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