Starting acrobatics, gymnastics, or tumbling as an adult can seem a bit like a daunting undertaking.

However, you may be surprised to find out that it’s never too late to get into the game as an adult. I have a student started doing acro only at the age of 45, and she is enjoying!

The Expectation for 18yo or Above

One thing that differentiates starting acrobatics as an adult from starting acrobatics as a child is expectations.

Your body is fully grown and the abilities are certainly going to be different as they would be as a child.

Adult bodies naturally have more limits than children’s bodies but with consistent training and patience, you will catch up in no time. Furthermore, some people may already have a good foundation, i.e. trained in gymnastics years back, so it will be a good boost for the training.

Don’t get discouraged even if you are completely new, it is very normal. Never let it be an excuse to limit yourself.

Adult usually have a better mentality, endurance and goal orientations. That’s a very important factor, as persistency is always the key when it comes to sport related.

Is It Too Late?     

No, it is never too late to start learning acrobatics. 

You can start gymnastics and acrobatics at any age. You just have to figure out that your goals and expectations. Are you doing this for fun? or to get into the competitive scene?

As it will all affect the intensity of the training.

Once you get to be a certain age, fear often comes into play when it comes to physical activities that may seem to be a little more aggressive on your body. 

Rest assured that there are safe ways to accommodate your body while learning acrobatics at an older age. Also, don’t let fear of comparison or embarrassment hold you back from trying something you’re really interested in.

What Goals or Expectations Should I Have?      

If you’re just starting out in acrobatics or gymnastics as an adult, it is not impossible to set the goal higher – your sights for the Olympics or get into a competitive team.

Others would choose a more “realistic” goal to strive for, that is to do acrobatics for recreational reasons such as fitness, fellowship, to learn a new skill, to accomplish a dream, or to say you achieved something you didn’t think you could.

It may take you a little longer to learn skills, but that’s totally okay.

According to Chris Salvato, there are only 3 skills you need to focus on to start your adult acrobatic journey:

  1. Handstand
  2. Handstand Press
  3. Muscle Up

Mastering these three basic skills will provide you with a solid foundation to learn and accomplish almost all of the acro skills. Learn full detail here in this article.

Risks and Benefits

As acrobatics is a full-body physical activity, you will find that it will help tone your body and build lean muscle.

It will also improve flexibility and overall body health, as well as body awareness. Not to mention, it builds confidence too.

It may will take you a little longer to accomplish your goals and master your skills but don’t let that deter you. Likewise, as your body ages, the risk for injury increases especially with high impact physical activities.  

But with a good plan, training, and dietary, it’s not hard to overcome.

Key Takeaway

It’s very important to have an experienced coach or trainer. Depending on where you are located, many gyms offer adult gymnastics or acrobatics courses. 

There are even gyms that specialized in adult recreational acrobatics classes.

Just remember, you may need to make modifications in your training, and that is perfectly okay. If needed, it is always important to check with your doctor before starting a new physical activity as this.

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